Dave Crandall - Pride in Public Schools

I have never considered private school for my children. It is a bold statement but something in my upbringing focused my attention and love on public schools. My mother was a public school teacher. So by extension, I knew a lot of public school teachers growing up. I attended Liberty, NY public schools growing up and worked closely with the administration as a student representative for several years. My wife's mother was also a public school teacher. I have seen the commitment and dedication teachers provide first hand.

When our kids were first born my wife and I discussed all the best schools in MA. We are lucky, MA has lots of great schools, but some are better then others. Our goal was to join a community before the kids began school and get involved so we could be part of the program. We intentionally chose Westborough for the schools. Both my wife and I have had years with over an hour commute since we moved to Westborough but it never bothered me. We are proud of the quality of Westborough schools and we are thankful to have found a way to join this community. The school is a large part of the community, and being on the School Committee I see first hand the trade offs and dependencies that are part of public school everyday. I like to think I am living with my decisions. If I cut a program it affects my kids, If I push a change in policy, I am directly impacted. It is important to have my children in the same school system, I am working for and I am proud to have this factor into my decisions as a parent and school committee member.

I know my children (Westborough class of '23, '25, and '30) will benefit directly from Westborough Schools and will have the oppertunity to grow, learn, and achieve greatness.

Dave Crandall - Westborough Volunteer

I am proud to have volunteered for many organizations in Westborough. My greatest commitment was to the Boroughs JCC (BJCC). I co-founded the organization in 2010 and committed 7 years to planning, organizing, and running the JCC programs, managing the building and grounds, and guiding the 100 child preschool (Boroughs JCC Preschool). Over the years I helped to create curriculums for toddler to Kindergarten age children, developed all creative and publicity, and guided adherence to regulatory requirements.

Along with the BJCC I spent time over the past 7 years volunteering in the Westborough public schools. As a DIGITS volunteer I promoted science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to 6 grade students. I ran the 5th Grade Colonial Day in 2016 giving children a chance to experience a taste of life in colonial times. I coached youth soccer, youth basketball, and youth flag football with a focus on teamwork and enjoyment of the games. One of my proudest accomplishments was a collection of videos for Fales celebrating their 50th anniversary. It allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of Fales Elementary School history and how it shaped the people who shared those halls.

In 2016 I was appointed to the Westborough 300th Committee and I have been working to help plan and run the events celebrating the town tercentennial. Westborough has a deep rich history and our goal is to provide activities for every resident to celebrate 

And of course in October of 2016 I was appointed to the Westborough School Committee. I am honored to have been able to serve to date and look forward to more years of service to the town.

Dave Crandall - Early and Professional Background

I grew up in Liberty, New York a small town in the foothills of the Catskill mountains. I was active in school, yearbook editor, student council president, and other organizations. I was often the representative bringing the voice of students to the administration and school board. I was raised primarily by a single mother who, in addition to being a teacher, also acted as union president for several years. This early understanding and interaction with politics began my interest in eventually being part of a school board.

After leaving Liberty, I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and began working in the tech industry for Lycos.com. Lycos relocated me to the Boston area. After Lycos I continued my career at VeriSign, ITA Software, and Google. I was part of acquisitions, layoffs, mergers, and amazing growth at each company. I built a reputation for delivering the best programs with minimal budget impacts. After Google I joined Umass Memorial Health Care to assist in the modernization and optimization of their technology.
www.lycos.com       www.verisign.com      www.google.com      Umass Memorial Health Care

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work with some of the brightest technologists in the world. Together we have changed industries and launched programs and products that support millions of people. I repeatedly managing up to $50 million dollar budgets and 200+ person organizations as we worked to optimize efficiency in the products and services we delivered.

I am very proud of the professional opportunities I have enjoyed. I use that knowledge and experience in my volunteer efforts and community commitments. The knowledge I gained has allowed me to be efficient, creative, and successful in each new opportunity.

Visit my Linkedin page for additional information on my professional background. www.linkedin.com/in/dave-crandall-262a481